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Re: Gh people, White v*gina Discharge After Taking Postinor Drugs Is It Normal??? by hammy(f) : 1:39 am On Jul 26

It's normal because some ladies discharges are very serious some discharge in the process of having s*x n others too discharge after having s*x n this whitish fluid from the v*gina indicates that her feelings was really high during the sexual intercourse so it's really come in a creamy form so it's normal

Re: See The Way Gh Ladies Cheat On Their Boyfriends "Exposed !!" by hammy(f) : 4:19 am On Jul 27

Sometimes shits happens for a reason a lady won't just cheat on a guy without a reason because maybe in her previous relationships she has gone through a lot of pains n sorrow which will make her feel like all guys are they same no matter what you do for them so she will have a particular mind set as to never fall in love deeply for any guy ...so please a lady won't just cheat for Nothing there should be something behind it.

Please I need your advice by hammy(f) : 3:25 am On Jul 28

Is it really wise of a man to take back all the luxurious things he bought for lady after a serious break up

Why do Gh Guys prefer Gals dat Scream during Sex? by hammy(f) : 7:12 am On Jul 28

Why do men feel when having s*x with a lady that likes screaming louder in the process of the intercourse. Why?cuz some men hates it when ladies don't scream in sex

Come in if you need a Gh girl to romance by hammy(f) : 11:31 am On Aug 08

Drop your request if you need a girl to romance (Pls romance and fuck) in in any part of Ghana.....drop d locatn n ur budget....pls I will only respond to comments here
Call me +233548999295

Should The BAN on ADONKO BITTERS be lifted? Click Here To VOTE by hammy(f) : 7:55 am On May 01

Russia’s Kim Kardashinan Strips Off To Show Her Natural Figure by hammy(f) : 7:55 am On May 01

EFCC Dragged To Court Over N13bn Discovered In Lagos by hammy(f) : 8:41 am On May 01

source: http://ift.tt/2qikwB2

M.anifest should consider changing his director Garth Von Glehn by hammy(f) : 8:21 am On May 05

M.anifest and Garth Von Glehn
M.anifest and Garth Von Glehn

Garth Von Glehn is a great director but I think it's time M.anifest try other Ghanaian directors.

I am not saying Garth Von Glehn isn't a Ghanaian so he can't shoot M.anifest's videos. In fact, he is one of my favourite directors due to his numerous great works for M.anifest but I think he is running out of concepts or probably isn't getting the Ghanaian side of M.ani's masterpieces.

I think M.anifest's latest video for #HandDeyGoHandDeyCome could've been shot better by great talents like Gyo Gyimah of Phamous Philm or David Nicol-Sey or Pacal Aka.

The video concept is too plain and hardly syncs with the song. The location and picture quality are on point but I thought the concept wasn't artfully exploited. The song's content is huge and I expected many scenes but surprisingly, I saw only three scenes.

Garth Von Glehn did the same to "B.E.A.R". The track is a damn huge record and I expect Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE" type of video but that wasn't it.

I think it's time M.anifest finds another director to move with. He can maintain Garth Von Glehn for other works but not his typical Ghanaian tracks.

Aisha Buhari opens up on her husband’s health by hammy(f) : 8:21 am On May 05

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has insisted that her husband’s health is not as bad as being talked about.

Buhari returned from the UK on March 10 after a 50-day medical vacation, but has been hardly seen in public, before he returned to his desk on Tuesday afternoon.

During his absence, there has been a lot of speculation about his health, amid calls for him to resign from various quarters.

But his wife says his health is not that bad, as the president can carry out his responsibilities.
Buhari met with the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami and Maikanti Baru, group managing director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), on Tuesday evening.

Below are Aisha’s tweets:

“I thank all Nigerians for their concern, love and prayers over my husband’s health status. 1/4

“I wish to inform everyone that his health is not as bad as it’s being perceived. Meanwhile he continues to carry out his responsibilities. 2/4

“During this period, as it may come to your notice, he is meeting with Minister of Justice and GMD of NNPC this evening. 3/4

“Long Live Nigerians, Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria. 4/4”

Touchpoint Magna Carta supports Kidney Care Project by hammy(f) : 9:30 am On May 05

Touchpoint Magna Carta (TPMC), a Reputations Management, Event and Media Consultancy, has reiterated their support for people living with kidney diseases.

The company organized the second edition of a 12.6km health walk aimed at creating awareness about kidney-related diseases, while raising funds for the Kidney Care Project,dubbed ‘The Hunt’ which involved a walk up the Aburi Hills  and was complemented by aerobics.

Participants were also sensitized on how to prevent kidney diseases.

The Kidney Care Project was foundered about two years ago by Mr.&Mrs. Effah when the founder himself suffered from kidney disease.Clarence Amoatey, General Manager of TPMC, said “the high cost of treatment and the terminal nature of kidney diseasesmakes it a socio economic problem that needs urgent attention.

Less than 10% of the thousands of people living with kidney diseases in Ghana are able to access quality treatment because of the high cost involved and a session of dialysis is estimated to cost GHC260 and each patient is required to undergo an average of three sessions per week.There is therefore the need to reach out to the numerous Ghanaians living with or at risk of developing kidney diseases.”

Last year the TPMC team raised GHC10, 000 at the first edition of the health walk and this yearthe company again pledged to support the Kidney Care Project with GHC13, 000.

The funds raised from last year, were used to offset the cost of a total of 53 dialysis sessions for five of the Kidney Care Project’s beneficiaries at the Renal and Dialysis Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Mrs. Joyce Effah, advised the participants to live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent kidney-related diseases.

Touchpoint Magna Carta is an indigenous Ghanaian communications agency specialized in providing Events, Media and Reputation Management services.

The company is affiliated to Magna Carta, an exclusive African affiliate of the Global Ketchum Group, which has more than 100 offices around the globe.

This year’s edition of “The Hunt” health walk was supported by Betway and Decathlon.

By: Leticia Ohene-Asiedu

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Sarfo, Rasmussen named NASCO player and coach of the month by hammy(f) : 9:31 am On May 05

WAFA Coach Klaavs Rasmussen and Chelsea player Stephen Sarfo have been named by the Premier League Board as NASCO coach and player of the month for April respectively.

Coach Rasmussen sweeps the NASCO coach of the month award ahead of his contenders following a remarkable run in April, in which he led WAFA to win all their five matches.

The other nominees for coach of the month were Yusif Abubakar of Aduana Stars and Frank Eliot Nuttal of Accra Hearts of Oak.

For the NASCO player of the month, Stephen Sarfo won it following a tight competition from WAFA’s Daniel Lomotey and Hearts of Oak’s Winful Cobbina.
Sarfo however pipped his opponents to the award, following his sensational form in April in which he scored four goals in five appearances and was adjudged man of the match three times.

The award winners will be presented with a Nasco Elite Q6 mobile phone by by NASCO Electronics.

The post Sarfo, Rasmussen named NASCO player and coach of the month appeared first on Kasapa102.5FM.

12 men speak about what changed in their relationships after engagement by hammy(f) : 2:37 am On May 06

1. “Honestly, I don’t feel like much changed … but that’s partially because we’d been dating since freshman year of college and we’d been living together for a few years as well. The only change was my parents would try and use the words ‘fiancée’ and ‘engaged’ as many times as possible whenever they saw us.” —Peter, 28

2. “I feel like friends started to treat us a little differently. It’s like once you get engaged, you’re officially moving into ‘old married couple’ territory. I don’t think it was a conscious decision, but it felt like we had sort of joined this secret club where our handful of married friends would call us to hang out more and our single friends sort of hung out with us a little less.” —Max, 27

3. “We had a short engagement, so I equate being engaged with just pure chaos. We planned a wedding in about six months, so everything changed when we got engaged and I barely remember any of it. It was a blur.” —Dave, 30

4. “There was definitely an energy that got injected into the relationship. There’s a giddiness there that doesn’t last the entirety of the engagement, but for a few months you’re riding this high of, ‘We’re getting married!’ —Steve, 29

5. “Well, after we got engaged, my now-very-much-an-ex-fiancée started cheating on me. I guess she thought I was a lock so now was the time to be promiscuous and also maybe get it out of her system? I’m not entirely sure, but when I confronted her about it, she said she planned on stopping once we got married, as if that was supposed to make me feel better. Anyway, we didn’t get married.” —Adam, 28

6. “Well, I don’t think in this day and age, a lot changes when you get engaged. Like most of my friends, we lived together before we got married and so many factors really stayed the same. But there was this sense of peace, almost, with being engaged. I felt like ‘OK, we’ve officially committed to each other and this is really forever.’ It’s not like I didn’t think it would happen or anything, it just feels final. Like signing off on a contract for a job offer or a house. You might know you have it or you might have talked about getting married, but once the two of you actually agree to get married, it just feels more concrete.” —Ray, 29

7. “Yeah, well, obviously there’s the super-secret Married People Society you get invited to once you’re engaged. Have I said too much? Don’t print this.” —Eric, 28

8. “I noticed a bit of a shift once we got engaged. I lived with my girlfriend (at the time, now she’s my wife) before we got engaged. Once I popped the question, there were suddenly lots of serious issues to tackle, like getting a joint savings account, making sure my credit score was good, and figuring out whose health insurance we’d go on. I really feel like getting engaged was what flipped the switch into ‘adult mode’ for us.” —Brian, 30

9. “Well, her parents hated me (I swear, they had their own hang-ups and I didn’t do anything but it’s not worth getting into) so when we got engaged, her family stopped talking to her for a while. Things are good … well, good-ish now though.” —Kevin, 29

10. “I feel shitty about it to this day, but my now-fiancée was originally ‘the other woman.’ It caused a few people to stop talking to me, and I don’t think people took us really seriously until we got engaged. But once we did, it sort of softened the blow, I think. It was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ I’m still not proud of how things happened and how we met and the people we hurt in the process, but she’s the love of my life. I had a few friends warm back up to me after the engagement, and they basically said in so many words, ‘OK, I guess you’re not as big of an asshole as we thought.’” —Mike, 28

11. “I don’t have a problem saying this because my fiancée knows, but I basically freaked out internally. We had talked about marriage a lot. I’m very happy with her. But I had a few moments of cold feet, I guess. I started thinking to myself, ‘Oh this is it. This is it forever.’ I didn’t have a problem with my fiancée and there was no one else I was interested or anything. I just think I got into my own head about how serious it was and how it’s such a big step. But she’s wonderful and amazing and helped me sort through it without yelling at me.” —Jared, 29

12. “My fiancée and I moved in together when we got engaged. It just happened to work out that way with our leases ending and we were obviously serious enough at that point. So our engagement also felt like a ‘trial run’ that I guess went well enough for us to get married.” —Evan, 29

Source: Cosmopolitan.com

Shatta Wale tours USA on July 1 by hammy(f) : 5:45 am On May 06

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale is heading to the United States of America on tour.

The self-acclaimed Dancehall King will be performing at the PlayStation Theatre, New York on July 1 as part of his After The Storm tour.

The ‘Ayoo‘ act is expected to perform songs including Mahama Paper, Chop Kiss, Reality, Dancehall King, If I Collect, Kakai, and Hol it off the album ‘After The Storm‘ which was launched in 2016.   He was joined by Sarkodie, to the delight of the over 50, 000 people who attended the launch.

The event is powered by LVC Entertainment, Boogie Down Nima, and TM Entertainment.

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Mayhem: Bugri Naabu attacks Otiko Djaba by hammy(f) : 12:45 pm On May 06

The Northern Regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bugri Naabu lost his temper and disrupted a meeting that was underway led by the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection Otiko Afisa Djaba.

The controversial chairman in the company of some unruly women affiliated to the NPP stormed the meeting vandalizing properties in protest to what he described as the Minister’s disregard for his high office claiming she did not seek his consent before convening her meeting.

Mr Naabu who described the meeting as “illegal” noted that the Gender Minister has no right to come to the region to organize a meeting without first informing the regional executives, saying that even the president would not throw his weight about in such manner.

“I have told the Minister point blank what she did was wrong. It is unconstitutional and therefore her meeting is illegal,” he declared to the admiration of the women accompanying him.

Kasapa FM’s Northern regional correspondent Eliasu Tanko, reported that an angry Mr. Naabu personally participated in the condemnable action throwing water bottles and ordering Ms Djaba to immediately stop the “illegal meeting,” which he suspected was intended to plot a scheme to undermine President Akufo-Addo’s nominee to head the school feeding programme in the region.

According to Tanko, it took the timely intervention of the police to restore law and order.

“I can tell you that currently more than 30 policemen have been deployed at the Modern City premises, the venue for the meeting. There are some few armed military men and also armored vehicle stationed here currently.”


The post Mayhem: Bugri Naabu attacks Otiko Djaba appeared first on Kasapa102.5FM.

Gov’t Targets 5% Charge On Remittance By 2020 by hammy(f) : 1:39 am On May 07

The Ministry of Finance says it is reducing remittances charges to 5 per cent.

According to the World Bank’s Send Money Africa report, Ghana remained one of the most expensive countries to send remittances to, with over 12 per cent charges on a $200 remittance.

Remittances from Ghanaians working overseas to their families back home dropped last year for the second consecutive time, to US$1.92 billion amid moderation in global economic growth that reflects the slowdown in China’s growth prospects and falling oil prices.

According to figures provided by the Bank of Ghana, the record of individual remittances through banks into the country in 2015 was 16.9 per cent below that recorded the previous year.

The declining level of personal remittances to Ghana is likely to be a source of worry for the country’s monetary and fiscal managers, who consider private remittances to be more vital to the economy than aid.

Remittances to the country hit its peak in 2013 when US$2 billion was sent home by what the World Bank has estimated to be 737,000 Ghanaians working abroad.

Since then, however, the value of remittances has been reducing as economic growth worldwide slows.

This situation has been described as worrying since; people will use unconventional means to remit money, causing the nation to lose a lot of revenue.

In this vein government together with the Swiss government has launched the Remittances Grant Facility (RGF) to help cut down on this 12 per cent charge.

The $2.6 million grant facility will be released in tranches to start-ups and companies that will develop innovative technologies and applications that are geared towards reducing the high charges.

Speaking exclusively to 3FM BUSINESS, Manager at KPMG, the fund managers, Amos Ansah, said they are working towards reducing the charges to between 3 and 5 percent

“The aim of this project seeks to reduce the charges on remittances from 12 to 5 percent. In the other areas, people pay as low as 3 and 5 percent, so we should be able to also hit that direction,” he said.

He added that the necessary security measures have already been developed to ensure that enlisted facilities do not abuse the funds.

The RGF project which starts this year, will end in September 2020.

The post Gov’t Targets 5% Charge On Remittance By 2020 appeared first on GhanaNation.

Ghana music trailing to Nigerian music - George Britton by hammy(f) : 4:09 am On May 07

George Britton

Founder of George Britton LLC, George Britton has thrown in the towel and given the indication that Ghanaian music has lost the battle to Nigerian music.

His basis for the above conclusion is the fact that Brands are signing Nigerian artistes rather than Ghanaian acts in order to gain influence in both Ghana and Nigeria.

In a post on Facebook admitting defeat of Ghana music, the artiste manager mentioned that "Brands are signing Nigerian artistes to target both the Ghanaian and Nigerian market. Why sign a Ghanaian artiste whiles the Nigerians have equal influence in Ghana?

He, however, is of the belief that the country's music industry needs to sit, regroup and come back strong to gain relevance in Africa and the world in general.
" Folks we've lost the battle, let's regroup and revive our creative art industry. #GhanaMusic #unitedwebuild"."

Nigeria Chibok girls: Dozens freed by Boko Haram by hammy(f) : 11:50 am On May 07

Islamist militants of the Boko Haram group have released dozens of schoolgirls from a group of 276 they abducted in north-eastern Nigeria three years ago, officials say.

The release reportedly came after talks with the government, though few details are confirmed.

The abduction of the so-called “Chibok girls” triggered a global outcry and sparked a huge social media campaign.

Before the latest release, about 195 of the girls were still missing.

The number of girls in the latest release is unconfirmed, and varies from about 50 to 80.

The Sahara Reporters website quoted a source as saying the freed girls were now in the town of Banki in Borno state, awaiting an airlift.

They would be taken to a secure location, the source said, for debriefing and would then be reunited with their families.

After the abduction in 2014, a number of girls escaped and Boko Haram then freed 21 last October, after negotiations with the Red Cross.

Last month, President Muhammadu Buhari said the government remained “in constant touch through negotiations, through local intelligence to secure the release of the remaining girls and other abducted persons unharmed”.

Many of the Chibok girls were Christian, but were encouraged to convert to Islam and to marry their kidnappers during their time in captivity.


We went to Dubai to negotiate, not investigate – Addison by hammy(f) : 1:39 pm On May 07

Chairman of the Committee tasked to investigate the Ameri Power deal, Phillip Addison has denied claims that it was influenced by the Power Company in the cause of the probe.

Front pages: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by hammy(f) : 1:40 pm On May 07

Front pages: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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