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Family/ Re: How Do I Deal With This Issues Between My Wife And I? by Nk42(m) : 6:47 pm On Apr 21

Sit her down and let know that what she did was for the interest of the family,she should shun whatsoever people are saying,show her some love man.

Romance/ Re: Lady Calls Out Her Newly Wedded Husband For Deceiving Her Into Marrying Him by Nk42(m) : 6:54 pm On Apr 21

Just six months,you agreed to marry a total stranger without having full knowledge of him,nobody decided you..

Romance/ Re: This Is Why I Rarely Greet Nigerian Men. by Nk42(m) : 6:58 pm On Apr 21

So rape is synonymous with Nigerian men alone?? Plz,greet them and go your way, greetings or not,a rapist remains one..

Romance/ Re: “My Girlfriend Is Very Beautiful And Intelligent, But She Bedwets” by Nk42(m) : 7:50 pm On Apr 21

She bedwets and still lies to you about it, don't forget she's your girlfriend, women lack the ability to admit the concept of gratitude,honor and sacrifice..my take.

Romance/ Re: newcomers page by Nk42(m) : 7:56 pm On Apr 21

I'm new here,today is my first day,and to my fellow New comers, you're welcome..

Romance/ Re: newcomers page by Nk42(m) : 7:57 pm On Apr 21

Thank you..

Romance/ Re: What Drugs Can I Take To Me Boost My Sexual Performance by Nk42(m) : 8:00 pm On Apr 21

Stop watching p0** period...

Romance/ Re: Guys recently I find a way to make money and keep my Woman. by Nk42(m) : 10:11 pm On Apr 21

On standby waiting for more testimonies..

Religion/ Re: This Easter: Do you think that this is the Biggest cow in the World? [pictures] by Nk42(m) : 10:42 pm On Apr 21

The picture seems zoomed..

news/ Re: Eight Fulanis Killed as Gunmen raid Fulani settlements near Yendi. by Nk42(m) : 3:55 am On Apr 23

This Fulani and herders menace is almost all part of West Africa..

news/ Re: Father Of 6 Loses Eye In Fight Over Dog Meat by Nk42(m) : 3:58 am On Apr 23

Avoidable situation,look at the end point of it now..

Romance/ Re: newcomers page by Nk42(m) : 4:09 am On Apr 23

You're highly welcome....

Crime/ Re: Ghanaian Cross-Dresser Assaulted For Allegedly Sleeping With Men by Nk42(m) : 11:28 pm On Apr 23

Markito: A Ghanaian cross-dresser believed to be a male has been assaulted by a group of men who felt deceived by his dressing.

The attack was filmed, and the footage has been making the rounds on social media and sparking mixed reactions.

In the viral video, the attackers are seen slapping the helpless victim left, right, and center while ordering him to look into the phone camera being used to record him.

It is alleged that the unidentified man succeeded in sleeping with some men who were deceived into thinking that he was a woman.

Although the man in question looks more feminine than masculine, social media users say it is farfetched that some men claimed to have slept with him without knowing that he was a male.

The assault has been widely condemned, with some saying that rather than beating the man, he should have been handed over to the police.

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, comedy, and self-expression in modern times and throughout history.
[color=#006600][/color]They slept with thinking he was a female,this my generation.. shocked shocked shocked

Sports/ Re: Scottish boxer McAllister To Fight Nigeria's Fijabi In Ghana by Nk42(m) : 11:32 pm On Apr 23

Good luck to him,Naija all the way...

Sports/ Re: Isaac Dogboe Set For May 21 Return Against Eugene Lagos by Nk42(m) : 11:35 pm On Apr 23

Naija all the way...

Family/ Re: We Neglect These Things But Expect A Happy Home by Nk42(m) : 11:56 pm On Apr 23

You make sense,but look at it from another perspective,even when the woman is at home with the kids,what is she teaching them?? Our society has failed us, look at our movies industries, skits,music industries,they produce movies and musics that are uncensored,nudity, Annie Idibia's 13yrs old daughter that was dressed up by her Mon with that kind of cleavage, was she brought up by a maid or Nanny?? Go to children's schools parties and see the kind of music and dance step the display,today, bikini has become a Norm in our society,have you seen Omotola daughter's bikini?? Many people were hailing and loving it,in bringing up a child, parents,Educational system and religious houses play a vital role, indecent dressing has become the other of the day....

Sports/ Re: 89 Buses Used For 2021 AFCON Missing by Nk42(m) : 12:00 am On Apr 24

Markito: Barely two months after the end of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, 89 new buses used to chauffeur the participating national teams, delegations, and other logistic teams have reportedly vanished.

The organising committee had reportedly purchased 90 buses to be used during the continental showpiece, however, only one of the buses has been seen, according to L’Anecdote, a Cameroonian daily.

The bus used by the host national team, Cameroon, was the only vehicle seen. It was retained to be used by the Indomitable Lions for their home games.

This development comes after reports surfaced that t[color=#770077][/color]he Cameroonian government was yet to pay some of the workers of the 2021 AFCON.
Africa,na who do us the thing??

Family/ Re: We Neglect These Things But Expect A Happy Home by Nk42(m) : 3:55 pm On Apr 24

Armanbauer: It's really sad that parents are failing woefully in terms of their child's/children's upbringing.
Schools too ain't helping the situation at all anymore.
[color=#550000][/color] Schools are even compounding the woes...

Family/ Re: We Neglect These Things But Expect A Happy Home by Nk42(m) : 3:56 pm On Apr 24

You made a lot o[color=#770077][/color]f sense bro
Tanx a lot...

Romance/ Re: Ghanaian Ladies Prefer “Nice” Married Names by Nk42(m) : 4:01 pm On Apr 24

One is still confused about the problems of these genders..when they will be praying for husband,they will not ask God for a man whose name sounds nice oo..

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